Lessons and Mentorship

Private Lessons

These are traditional lessons provided on our school horses. Students will progress through a checklist of increasingly advanced skills required to be an accomplished equestrian. Skills involve proper safety practices, grooming and care, working with horses from the ground, using tack and other related equipment, balance and posture, and communication and connection between the student and their horse. Please see our Skills Checklist for a detailed list of skills addressed at each level.

Half-sessions are an excellent option for younger riders or riders with disabilities who may benefit from a shorter lesson.

Private Lesson (55 min)$55
Half-Session (25 min)$30
Helmet Rental (waived first lesson or if student brings their own riding helmet)$5


What does it really take to own a horse? There is a lot that happens behind the scenes! In the Mentorship program, students get hands-on experience for all the ins and outs of horse ownership. Come spend time with the horses twice each week for 1-1.5 hours each time – that is 2-3 times as much horse interaction as you would normally get with standard lessons! Students spend about 30 minutes of this time doing the daily tasks required for owning horses such as cleaning stalls and feeding. During the additional 30-6o minutes, students work hands-on with the horses to groom, exercise, train, ride, and ensure the horses are healthy and cared for. This extended time and in-depth experience with the horses helps students develop deeper connections with the horses as well as the necessary skills for owning their own horses or working in an equestrian facility in the future. Many of these activities can be completed in the barn or arena, so weather is not an issue. Weather permitting, this program includes approximately 2 hours of riding instruction per month.

Due to the nature of this program, students must be 13 years of age or older.

Mentorship program$200/month
Helmet Rental (waived if student brings their own helmet)$20