Our Instructors

Jillane Baros, Owner & Instructor

Horses have been my favorite animal for my entire life. One of my earliest memories is a dream I had of walking into the back yard and seeing a beautiful black stallion dressed in regal banners laying down in the grass and standing up to meet me. I received my first horse, Pepper, for my 8th birthday – and I’ve never looked back. I grew up riding quarter horses, but in adulthood I stumbled upon the amazing sport of Endurance. What could possibly bring more joy than covering miles of beautiful trail on an amazing athlete and my best friend? And of course, doing endurance meant coming into close contact with many, many Arabian horses.

Due to my background in the quarter horse world, I had my reservations about Arabians. However, once I took the time to get to know the horses in the Arabian world and their exceptional minds and personalities, I have been in love. Properly bred and cared for Arabian sporthorses are smart, sensitive, athletic, and love their people. Each horse in unique, though certain carefully-selected breeding lines consistently produce certain characteristics. Among endurance riders, Polish, Crabbett, and CMK lines are particularly popular due to their sound bodies and minds to carry you through miles of backcountry, often riding solo. I am particularly interested in horses who are superb athletes while also being safe and pleasurable for riders of all abilities. These are the kinds of Arabians I have selected for the Khalasar lesson program. For our breeding program, I have chosen an even narrower focus on pure Shagyas and high-percentage Shagya-Arabians due to their consistency in producing the exact horses I would use for competitions, lessons, and lifelong companions. For more information on this breed, click here.

Alexis Berryman, Instructor

Horses have always been a part of my life, I have been riding horses since I could walk. Ever since I first watched the movie The Black Stallion I have dreamed of owning my own Egyptian Arabian Horse. I have always had horses but not an Arabian. Once I graduated Highschool I bought my very own Egyptian Arabian Mare and that started it all! I learned to train her with the help of a trainer, and she taught me to be a good rider. Siena was and still is everything I dreamed of as a child watching the movie The Black Stallion. Then I found myself getting hooked on Endurance Riding. Let’s just say my horse collection has grown with my main focus being endurance riding. I hope to help bring the joy of horses to others.